Work in United States of America with H1b visa

Does the glitz and glamour of America attracts you in many ways? You have qualification and you want to get more exposure in your work field? Immigration office of America invites brains from all over the world under the category of h H1 – b visa to America. Under this visa you can work in America on petition basis. Like any other immigration policy, h1 b visa has its own set of requirements and eligibilities. You need to be very careful before applying for this visa.

The labyrinth of procedures and documents will leave a layman perplexed and confused. For this I suggest the guidance of h1-b Visa assistance firms who have years and years of valuable experience to sail you through the difficulties that comes in the way of applying for h 1 – b visa.


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Eligibility for H1 – b visa

Before applying for h 1 – b visa, it is necessary for you to find out whether you are eligible for this visa or not, otherwise all your efforts, time and money will bear no fruit.

Specific skill is important for this visa. You need to have anindustry and market specialization to be eligible for this visa. It is also necessary to have an employee – employer relationship as this is an employment based visa. An employer should provide you with a job offer in United States of America and your employer should apply for your h1 b visa with the US Immigration department.

Immigration law firms

Colavecchio Immigration Law Firm have team of experts who will guide you through the various process involved in h 1 b visa. But the important point is to note that h1 b visa does not provide permanent residence to US and it’s a non-immigrant visa.


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