Top 10 Tips With EPICUBE


Epicube has been one of the largest licensed Minecraft top quality and French language servers, and harmonious with the proposed launcher. Epicube during the point was over 3,000 simultaneous joined, inrush hour, with a recorded record of over 8,000 gamers around Epicube the moment. Founded about 2014 in a lot more famous version when it was supported by Frigiel, the host has largely settled in an original line with a lot of video games adapted directly around the epicube stats network such as PvPSwap or the famous Fallen Kingdoms that turned into a big game almost impossible to adapt in its initial version.From the view of this server and also in line with this world’s largest networks.

Epicube has settled more than four years with a gambling experience noticed by the appearance of numerous YouTubers termed EpicMembers. They’re subsequently about sixty to produce videos to your server while entertaining themselves together with their buddies. When the Epicube server moved in to the French community (rather fast ), Epicube started deploying half several dozen matches more exciting than the other people. These addictive games have enabled epicube stats to evolve having the opening into the global, in many languages (from English, in Spanish first of ).The Sheep Wars, a popular sport established by Epicube, has continued to create the originality of server competitors and improve the overall appeal of Minecraft servers.

Even the Domination & Catch The Cow created by Epicube are other games with a class system with special powers that are nice enough to play with, especially as being a team.PvPSwap has had a large amount of followers and has come to be a flagship Epicube game as a consequence of its own celebrity. The past is the big winner of this game. It has to go through distinct terrains called”modules” wherever players can be interchanged, in order to recover resources while murdering themselves in a final aim. Everybody knows better to struggle and prepare his gear wins the game. Epicube stats has developed considerably in recent years, especially together with the creation of wider visibility as tiny un-official”newspapers” (EpicActube for example). Do not want to play with hefty and extended games on Epicube a couple days? About Epicube.

Top 10 Tips With EPICUBE:

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