student accommodation New York

Are you traveling to New York for higher studies but have no idea where to stay? Are you desperately looking a student accommodation New York can provide? If yes, then you need to shed your worries as we bring to you an ultimate guide to help you find the best accommodation in New York. There are lots of rooms and houses available that you can make your new sweet home. You certainly need to know the price range and your budget, along with the distance you can cover from your institute to the house. Are you excited to visit a few places that can be your new abode? Join along as we visit the various kinds accommodations.

student accommodation New York

Room for rent

New York has many houses that have multiple bedrooms. The owners often convert one or more of these rooms into rented rooms. Students from various universities and colleges take up these rooms for rent. Since these are usually small rooms, the price for these ones varies around $850 per month. You can easily find shops and restaurants at a walking distance from such student accommodation New York provides.

Large rented rooms

If you want to live like a king, then you must go for a large rented room. However, you will have to shell out more money than usual, and the rent can be around $1200 per month. These rooms will come along with air conditioning, intercom access, and laundry facilities.

Private luxury apartments

In case you still have money left to be shelled out for accommodation, then you must go for a luxury living in premium apartments. The cost of rooms will be around $1400, but you will certainly have your friends loving to visit you almost every day. Many of these apartments are co-living as well.

So, your travel and accommodation in New York are pretty much sorted now.

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