Sexting Ideas that Make it a Better Experience for both of you!

Sexting is no doubt a way to express how you feel for your loved one, and this expression could be as dirty as you can imagine it to be. While you are sexting, you need to be creative, as if the same ideas are pursued every time you indulge in sexting, you will make it extremely boring. Thus, we bring to you amazing sexting ideas, that’ll bring an unexpected surprise for your loved ones.

Ideas to surprise them!

Convey what you feel– If you are sure about whom you are sexting with and whether you can trust your partner or not, you should prefer conveying everything that’s in your mind. Trusting your setting partner is a must, and if you trust him or her completely, just go shuffle your thoughts in and out. This will make the conversation interesting and also boost your imaginary power to bring into action new thoughts that are unexplored, generating a gala feeling for both of you.

Keep it simple yet long– When you are sexting, you can’t sum it up in a short conversation. You’ll have to elaborate it, as this allows both of you to be open about your thoughts, and that’s how the inner feelings and the most secret imaginations can be used in sexting. But make sure to keep the overall conversation as simple as possible, complicated romance is no ones’ choice.

Start slow– Do not let your conversations jump to the conclusion immediately after you begin. Keep it slow in the beginning and climb on to every new step with utmost grace and elaborated explanation. This will give enough time and ideas to both of you for knowing each other better. Remember sexting friends are more than friends, and you shall know what your partner prefers.

This is how you can make the most of your sexting time.


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