Hyundai Ioniq or Toyota Prius: Comparing specifications and driving

The Toyota Prius is significantly more than an automobile.

Love or hate the hyundai ioniq vs prius, and few could assert it is the star of the green movement, plus an indication of advancement and also a variant that shaped perceptions enclosing Toyota along with even the auto industry. This has been a hit for comedians, polluted communities with”Smug” at south park, served such as a sure indication of their impending electric automobile apocalypse into petrolheads, and also accurate transport for owners from Australia and outside.

Toyota’s hybrid started someplace in 1998, a month or two later Honda’s insight came from Australia. Honda has since stopped earnings with the petrol-electric car in Australia, while Toyota’s machine has been a mainstay for just a couple of decades.

Since Hyundai Geared Towards the Volkswagen Golf GTI after producing its I-30 N, the Korean manufacturer had the Prius in its landscapes when forming the Ionic. The place to be on sale, the Ionic follows exactly the Prius’ form as a distinct model separate to mainstream hatchbacks such as the i30 and Corolla, offering a choice of mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid or fully electric power.



Eye-catching gloss white cut the controls and dash captures your focus, which turns into first displays for the air conditioning and stereo nestled in just a flowing, the live game which makes the Ionic’s cottage texture plain.

Key driving data are discovered at a letterbox display at the bottom of the automobile — you won’t find a traditional tool binnacle here. Cargo distance between both is line-ball, together with Toyota asserting 457 liters of storage — just one liter more than Hyundai.

Everything You Obtain

Clients thinking about more equipment will cover an extra $7500 approximately to contact this Prius iTech, which includes 17-inch metals, leather-trimmed heated front seats with power driver alteration, blind location tracking, and back cross traffic alarm systems.

Hyundai’s hybrid isn’t available yet. Thus we have no idea how far it could cost. Front and rear parking sensors combine a turning camera installed into an 8-inch touchscreen display fitted using Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and sat-nav works together side an eight-speaker stereo.

Toyota affirms the Prius were having a three dimensional, 100,000-kilometre warranty while Hyundai provides a last-minute, unlimited-kilometre warranty.

Below the bonnet

Australian Prius cases unite a 72kW/142Nm gasoline engine using a powerful 53kW/207Nm electric engine and nickel-metal hydride battery an older, more economical form of energy storage generated the enormous variety of Toyota hybrids.

The Ionic comes with an even new lithium-ion battery employed in concert using a 77kW/147Nm gasoline engine along with the 32kW/170Nm electric engine.

Hyundai asserts the Ionic utilizes a joint 3.2L/100km of gas, whereas Toyota’s official guess is 3.4L/100km. We analyzed both cars in mixed playing around Sydney — with the cars as urban runabouts, motorway cruisers, and grinding commuters. Both came back 4.3L/100km market.

About the Street

The duo feels silent and elegant traveling — with all a Prius perhaps a bit quieter at a rate. Toyota’s more powerful electric engine provides Prius more extended pep at the low price, though its CVT automatic transmission may dull its responses onto your way. Even the Prius feels much like a power car with the Hyundai, directly down to its odd-ball gear selector and pushbutton EV setting which produces the vehicle operate on battery alone. Hyundai’s machine is much more car-like, from the traditional gear selector into a long-sleeved dual-clutch automated transmission which delivers that the Ionic feels much like an-30 or even Sonata compared to a scientific endeavor.

Riding broader and lower than its equal, the Ionic can be a bit better to operate a vehicle about the Prius, although both exude relaxation over poise.

Toyota’s machine includes a comfortable ride compared to Ionic, inviting a lazy, carefree driving mode that will help reduce fuel consumption. We’re impressed with the Prius’ busy cruise-control platform, that’ll be effective at bringing the vehicle to a total stop. Hyundai owners that count upon motorist assistance might wind up aggravated by way of a system that slows the car before closed off, even requiring drivers to take longer and hit the wheels at the moment — maybe not a relaxing method to run throughout the afternoon commute.


The Ionic Hybrid Vehicle can be excellent, very first try at a complicated motor vehicle. Using its simple cottage, attractive styling, most powerful powertrain, and ample features list, the Ionic creates an initial sound impression.

Spectacular to look at both inside and outside, the Prius has been a recognized machine worthy of its location because of the streamlined hybrid vehicle. Without understanding just how far the Ionic will cost in Australia — or the specifications that are last — it’s hard to announce powerfully.

In any event, you proceed, the Prius and Ioniq both represent high-tech cars blending green credentials using modern necessary safety gear in addition to feel-good variable everyday vehicles cannot fit.

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