How to make career in the pharmaceutical industry!

Ho Chi Minh City College of Pharmacy needs no introduction, as it one of the best colleges as many students are looking forward to making a career in the pharmaceutical industry. It is indeed a great career and it becomes vital to take up the right step so that you can move in the right direction and take up the career in this very industry.

cao đẳng dược TPHCM

Many people are not even aware of the industry and what all it entails and how you can have a flourishing career. With each passing day, there is new drug discovery and it is needless to mention that it becomes way more important to be sure of the technology( is) and of course, how you can apply your studies to make drugs that are lifesaving and have zilch negative effects on the body.


Apart from that, there is loads of career opportunity buzzing in the pharma- industry and to give you an idea where we are going to give you a list of other career avenues that you can easily look up to after completing your course.  At caođẳngdược TPHCM, you will become the professional once you step out of the college.

Here is the list of the avenues that you will get and you can easily choose the best as per your inclination and specialization. The job provision is endless when it comes to a career in pharmaceutical industry and is as follows:

  • Working in hospital: Quality testing is one of the most secure jobs and if you are looking for in office job, then as it an indoor job as all you have to do is to keep a check and ensure the quality check.
  • As a senior drug analyst as most of the companies needs professionals who can bridge the gap the between the pharma companies and the healthcare professional.

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