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When I gone through training as a Citizens Advice debt adviser around a few decades ago, council tax arrears were unusual. I spent more time speaking to folks about debts such as credit cards, overdrafts and doorstep loans.


Advisers in current debt team cannot imagine this. Today, almost every customer they view with debts owes money in their council tax debts.

This is a huge problem for their clientele. But they recognize it is also a massive problem for councils, who desperately want this money to offer solutions.

Helping them advise more individuals:-

The protocol commits the council to operate with them when they are maintaining a customer. It also recommends regular, open conversations regarding debt group, and how they manage our work and encourage people that are struggling.

As a result, they’ve suggested changes to mirror letters to make them can attend the magistrates’ court to offer advice to people turning to council tax debt hearings. This is especially valuable, as very few of the people they meet at court have used their services before.

They have also been consulted on the council’s refreshed debt collection strategy.

Advisers can cope with debts more quickly responded to comments from the council that they had not always had enough detail to make sure informed decisions about accepting offers of repayment. They now make sure they provide them with a more detailed financial breakdown of the customer’s finances so that they can decide on 1 go, saving everyone money and time.

Please Contact them if you want any kind of those.

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